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Mood Elevating Prescriptions

Audio and visual prescriptions created to elevate desired energy state

Multi-Sensory Impact

Engages the visual and auditory senses senses for energy attunement

Chakra Tuning

Tune and balance chakras for optimal energy flows


Select moods and listen to the prescription to elevate or anchor to a higher energetic frequency

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To elevate and balance your emotional and energetic state.
To establish energetic coherence in the bio-field.
To increase awareness, insight and align with compassion.

The resonant frequencies of the audio and video prescriptions will tune up your chakras and directly interact with your consciousness and bio-field 1.

Innergy Tuner is a highly useful meditation tool to put you in a coherent 2 and effective state.

Use Innergy Tuner when you wake up to set yourself up for a beautiful day. Use it at night to improve sleep.

1 The electromagnetic energy surrounding your body.

2 Unified and integrated energetic state or centered energetic state.

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Flicka Rahn

Artist, Co-Composer
& Prescription Producer
 Team Member Image

Daniel Wyman

Artist & Co-Composer
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Alanna Luna

Visual Experience & Visual Prescription Producer
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Tammy McCrary

Project Producer
& Conceptual Designer


For thousands of years, cultures have used sound to heal the mind, body spirit and soul. The music of Icaros is an experience that is therapeutically healing and is very much more than the "musical elements". This brilliant, heart and soul inspired music the energetic foundation of life, nature, our universe and will expand the heart, transform the mind, and HEAL.

Dr. Suzanne Gazda - Neurologist

I am a parenting coach/educator. I listen to your music just about every morning. I find it sooooothing....helps center and balance me as I work on the computer. I listen to it at night to settle in and get out of my head.
Sometimes a certain chakra (tends to be the third one) brings tears to my some things are releasing. I just say thank you and let the feelings flow. I recently played it while I was giving a massage and it helped him go into lala land.

Dr. Julie Ray - Parenting Coach & Educator

Chakra Soundscapes is a very well made and “on target” creation for changing emotional states from negative, depressed, tired or upset states to profound deep well-being. I use this CD any time I have a need for healing mentally or physically. My experience when I relax and take the time to listen is always beneficial and sometimes astounding. I have used sound as a tool in stress management since the 1970’s, so I am always looking for new and effective assistance. I am so glad to have the Icaros CD and thank the creators—Daniel and Flicka—for their inspiration and production. Flicka Rahn has been someone I have admired for many years, both as a performing artist and, recently as an adept healer-teacher- shaman. She has been a source of healing for me several times.

Marge Barlow, PhD - Author of " The Possible Woman "

As an integrative medical practice, we seek to create a safe and healing atmosphere. Ever since finding Icaros: Chakra Soundscapes, we’ve sensed a significant deepening of the peace and comfort of our patients and our space. What could be more healing than the beautiful, sonic art of Flicka Rahn and Daniel Wyman? We consider the album invaluable to our practice. Thank you!

Dr. Kristann Heinz - Red Hill Medical+Wellness|Pipersville, PA


The sounds are formulated to interact with the resonant frequencies of each chakra. The slow moving rhythms entrain the brainwaves to states of joy, peace and bliss.
For a virtual ‘emotional emergency room’ remedy in your hand
The warm organic synth pads with a deep low frequency tonic drone to balance the overall sonic frequencies.

The crystal singing bowls have a sound which is highly conducive to biofield interaction, synergy and balancing the hemispheres of the brain.

The vocal sound is a vehicle for the intention of love and peace.

The visual images represent the balanced state of each chakra by displaying fractals, mandalas and colors specific to each energy vortex.

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